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>> pam: next on kron-4 news at eight. baby, it's cold outside! how long will it stay this way -- and how low will it go?
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>> pam: now at eight: >> reporter:a dip in degrees will have you cranking up the heat and hiding under the covers tonight. we'll show you how long it's going to last. >> reporter:new details tonight in the search for a bay area pilot and passengers whose plane disappeared from radar. why one family is scared half to death over their 13- year-old daughter. now -- police are involved too. >> reporter:a big spender dropping big tips at two san francisco new meaning to happy holidays. and the pope reveals something about his past that has some parishioners saying "how cool!" (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 8-- >> pam: a cold snap is hitting the bay area-- the bay area is expected to get its first frost of the season tonight. and a freeze watch has been upgraded to a freeze warning for the evening. this is video from the north bay. cold, windy weather there today. >> pam: we have team coverage tonight. kron 4's justine waldman is braving the chill in san francisco's union square. we begin with chief meteorologist jacqueline
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bennett. she is live in the weather center. with just how cold it's expected to get. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: we see a lot of thirty is up there tomorrow morning. for these only in san francisco right there along the peninsula. san francisco is the only place not under the freeze on warning. that is for the north bay. everywhere else for thursday and we will talk more about that with temperatures in your neighborhood and how cold it will get >> pam: continuing our team coverage on this cold snap. kron 4's justine waldman is live in san francisco's union square. where holiday shoppers are bundling up. justine? >> reporter: it may not be freezing here but it is definitely chile. chilly
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>> reporter: even window shoppers are bundled up. you can definitely feel the chill in the air. there are people in the york and london visiting the bay stating that this is not that cold you just have to put on your coat and gloves. it feels cold enough to us. >> it is freezing. >> we did have to prep our pipes and make sure things to not freeze outside. >> reporter: at some of my facebook fans to tell me what the weather is like where bay are at.
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>> reconnaissance he will take pricked spring for some any time. >> i will take spring and summer any time. >> reporter: we know the coldest weather is still to come winter is just beginning. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: he is accused of murdering a console. and on wednesday, 21-year old ronnie collins will face a judge. these are daly city. >> reporter:uwakah arranged online, to sell a playstation 4 in the bayview district of san francisco on sunday. police say, collins took the console and then shot and killed uwakah. >> pam: kron 4 news has learned, collins has a criminal background in san francisco. which includes trespassing and causing a
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false fire >> pam: right now, collins is being held without bail on murder and attempted robbery charges. his arraignment is tomorrow afternoon. >> pam: a host on h-g-t-v has been killed in a motorcyclebill beckwith. co- host of 'curb appeal'. was killed lower haight. >> pam: police say, beckwith was hit by a car near oak and the driver is cooperating with investigators. beckwith ran "b-b design build" in san francisco. and was a woodworker specializing in cabinets and decks. >> pam: friends remember him as adventurous and kind. >> reporter: developing tonight! >> reporter:the search for a missing san jose man and four others plane has been called off for the night in central idaho.
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>> reporter:dale smith is an experienced pilot and the co-founder and ceo of a san jose tech company. also on board.smith's daughter, her fiance, smith's son, and daughter in law. they lost contact with air traffic controllers sunday during bad weather in idaho. >> reporter:today some potentially good news.a faint signal from the plane's emergency beacon. >> reporter:but search teams have not found any sign of the plane.or the people that were on it. the plane took off sunday from baker city, was headed to butte montana.and now crews are searching near the tiny central idaho town of yellow pine.where cell phone pings from people on board were last recorded. >> reporter:kron 4's j.r. stone is in the south bay tonight which is where two of the five on board are from. >> reporter: he was the one that revealed
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complaining of engine problems spirit. the signal was weak and it cannot be found for the second day in the role the search was called off. this is a second shot toward the plane was supposed to show up. temperatures are soon expected to dip below 00. amber was supposed to is supposed to get married and a month. there is hope that amber and her family alive and that they will survive into crews find them. >> reporter: friends and co- workers tell them tell me that they are not an idaho
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but the search has ended for the evening because of the darkness and they will start at daybreak wednesday. san jose j.r. stone kron 4 news developing tonight. >> pam: >> pam: pleasanton police are searching for a 13-year- old girl. last seen on sunday. police say, she is considered to be at-riskkron 4's scott rates is in pleasanton tonight. where he just spoke with the girl's emotional family. >> reporter:it was a month and a- half- ago, when a second bart strike came to an end. as >> reporter: >> i love her and then what
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her to come back. (crying) >> not seeing her face in the mornings. >> i am really worried about my daughter's life. i am really worried about her i want her to know that i love art and love are. we love her. >> this is not like her. i
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do not know what happened.reall? >> reporter: i can tell you in the short time that we have been out here tonight and outpouring support from the community has gone in and out of the house to express their support think of anything that they can to the family that is quinn to this difficult time. at this time we still do not have any leaks. leads. >> pam: it was a month and a half ago when a second bart strike came to an end. the unions and management reached a tentative contract agreement. but labor peace was short-lived, because bart now says, a previously- to the final contract by mistake. the unions threatened legal action. and as kron 4's dan today they followed through
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with that threat. >> reporter:when the bart district board of directors removed a paid family leave provision before approving a tentative contract agreement , did it violate its duty to bargain in good faith. >> reporter:unions say barts action cannot stand so on tuesday they filed a lawsuit against bart and its directors for failing to approve and implement the contract as a whole. >> reporter:the bart district maintains that paid family leave provision should never have been in the contract in the first place and was a mistake >> birds negotiated in good faith. bart >> the board took out what the negotiating team brought to them. but a mistake was clearly made and should have never been a part of the tentative agreement.
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>> they are claiming that this was a mistake on their part a cannot be cured if it were a mistake it would be a mistake committed by a number of their agents over a number of months it just does not make sense. >> we are not ruling out any option available to us but we are not plant or scheduled to strike at this time. planned so >> reporter: for the two sides are speaking with the news media and not to each other. unions again say that they have no means to strike but are keeping all options open. hold up in court. unions also discussed the possibility of going back on
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>> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: one very generous person spreading holiday cheer across the bay area. the san francisco restaurants the "mystery tipper" dropped in on. >> pam: plus: mourning the loss of actor paul walker. the latest into the investigation into the fiery crash that killed him. and next-- a warning about a potential threat to some students at
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>> pam: the simon weisenthal center has issued a warning to san francisco state university. about a potential threat to jewish students on campus. a violent online post has been uncovered -- allegedly written by the president of the campus palestinian student group. >> pam: a picture in the post shows the young man holding a knife. and claiming that. it makes him want to stab an israeli soldier. today, the school says, it has performed a threat assessment procedure. and released a statement regarding the alleged threat.
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>> pam: the statement says. -- quote -- we are confident that our campus community is safe. we will continue to explore all aspects of the incident and take additional actions that may be warranted. we will withhold any further comment until that exploration is complete. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- >> pam: one extremely generous restaurant - goer. has been dropping big tips all across the country. including and here in the bay area. sometimes leaving thousands of dollars on a single check. kron 4's charles clifford has a closer look at this mystery. >> reporter:on this instagram account, a user called @tipsforjesus has posted two dozen pictures of restaurant stunningly big tips. the checks are from eateries all over the country. this one from chicago shows a $3,000 dollar tip on a 373 dollar check. at this restaurant in 500 dollars on a $24 bill. >> reporter:this generous soul has also visited at least two, possibly more, restaurants here in the bay area. on november 11th, he left a 1500 tip at harris restaurant along van ness
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ave in san francisco. >> reporter:he also recently visited tacolicous in the marina district >> reporter:it was a pretty regular night, a tuesday i think it was. manager jeremy harris, who confirms that @tipsforjesus is male, says that the big tipper came in with a group of people, they had dinner and seemed to enjoy themselves. when the $152 check came, he dropped a $1000 dollar bonus. >> reporter:i think it's a pretty nice thing to do. especially for restaurant employees who make the same thing all the time. it's a pretty nice little boost. >> reporter:the server on duty at the time shared the bounty with the rest of the staff and @tipsforjesus hasn't been back. exactly who this person is remains a mystery. there's no personal information on the instagram page, just a quote saying that he's "doing the lord's work, one tip at a time." in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: it will be
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chilly state area wide downright cold. thanks to the suit storm system that came through to the south. snow showers are in the in the seat 0 we are seeing clear skies locally. cold pool of air that would leave cold conditions in the 20's and 30's. to be in the upper 47 for the afternoon really trying to struggle to one back up. really struggling to warm back up. >> jacqueline: the only place not included in the freeze morning is san francisco. 20s and 30s out
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the door tomorrow morning even colder thursday to 20 some extent with forties' only in san francisco and a loaf for the spirit by noon we are in the '40's still. we will state in the 40's and a few places tomorrow. really struggling to get out of the '40's. definitely bundle up out the door and give yourself extra time ticket easy on the road we could see ice. below freezing and napa and santa rosa 20 in pleasanton cup, 21 and even the '30's there the coast. >> jacqueline: cold pool was
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piercing all for us. pretty stagnant the next couple of days in getting colder and to thursday, by friday things will warm up just a little bit in the overnight hours. another cold morning in a store. instore. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles.
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>> reporter: gabe slate tech report >> reporter: topping wish
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list for children and teens this year. so let it skit a closer look at this and knew that. fad >> reporter: bringing this character to life in the video game sky landers was the first franchise to released the video game action figures that come to life >> glenn the magical barry of toll toys and the videos. their kids back cannot play with the tv because mom and dad are watching programing taken still take their tears to the room and use your imagination. when they do have a chance to play on a costco picking gore want a ton of adventures. play on a console...
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>> reporter: disney is getting into this new venture. to a story in space is their big game for the holiday season featuring popular characters. in other video game newsweek are giving away of copies of one of the hottest games right now for the new peak as for call of duty this new game by acquisition is in it intends story in a multi player format gabe slate kron4 newsprin
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>> >> pam: coming up! >> pam: trapped under the atlantic ocean for three days! incredible new video. showing a rescue noone could even think possible.
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mourns the death of actor paul walker. the latest details into the fiery crash that killed him. and next. people in the north bay calling for justice for the teenager shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. >> jacqueline: it will be absolutely frigid ñzçzçzç
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>> 41 in napa, set francisco
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is not too bad because that's where the guy was eating ice cream it was the warmer in san francisco but that is the only place where we are seeing temperatures remaining steady. >> jacqueline: single clearing skies also seen very cold air left in the wake of that storm. it frees warning for much of the bay area except for san francisco, as we have mentioned. >> jacqueline: free sworn in affect for the rest of the bay area for thursday. we will see a few warnings with frigid conditions but we will take a number in your community coming up in just a bit.
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>> pam: happening now. >> pam: in the north bay. people are gathering for a protest and vigil in honor of teen andy lopez. who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. kron four's jeff bush explains why the group is protesting. and what they want to see changed. >> reporter: unseemly piquancy behind to me big rally for protests of andy's shooting. 10:00 the group will walk down to the sheriff's department this is quan night of light up the night for andy. i am jeff bush and santa rosa kron 4 news >> pam: the chairman of the
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u.s. olympic committee says "it is our intention to bid" for the 2024 olympics if a number of criteria are met - the strongest indication yet that the united states will put forth a bid city before the end of next year. >> pam: among the requirements chairman larry probst listed were finding the right message, technical plan, leader, financial support and governmental support. >> reporter:in a conference call tuesday following the usoc's quarterly board meeting, probst says a lot of things still have to fall into place for the usoc to bid for 2024 but that the federation remains focused on the opportunity. >> reporter:a small group from the usoc has been visiting potential host cities, including boston, dallas, los angeles, philadelphia, san diego, san francisco and washington. >> reporter:karen saucedo san francisco is a city that is only 7 square miles in size. every time we have a major event, our streets, highways, and public transit are frozen. bringing such a large event to such a small, congested city is insane. >> reporter:keith roberts
8:34 pm
san francisco would be a great host of the 2024 olympics. there would be so many wonderful places for visitors and spectators to dine and shop. the arts & culture scene is spectacular. the city is alive through the night. i'd love to see the bay area as a whole be considered as the host. >> reporter: you can log onto our facebook fan page >> pam: stressed out travelers at s-f-o. will soon get a calming influence from a furry friend. san francisco s-p-c-a volunteers will begin visiting the airport this week. with eight certified therapy dogs. it's part of the new "wag brigade" program. >> reporter:the dogs have been selected for their temperament and airport suitability. they will wear vests that read "pet me!". identifying them as volunteers. and walk the terminals with their handlers at s-f-o on a daily basis. >> reporter:their handlers,
8:35 pm
who are also their owners, have passed a 10-year background check, and will be with the dogs at all times. >> pam: san francisco's tallest holiday tree is officially lit. take a look. >>countdown to tree then cheers >> pam: the 7 -th annual tree lighting took place tonight at 555 california street in san francisco. >> pam: grammy nominated singer carly rae jepsen performed at the ceremony. then honorary chairs karen and ronnie lott, along with 49ers marcus lattimore and alex boone. helped countdown to light the tallest tree in the city later this evening. the event benefits the u-c- s-f medical center and the benioff children's hospital.
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>> pam: still ahead-- >> pam: this is one job you didn't think the pope would have. it's pope francis' latest revelation. and next-- revelation. and next-- ♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪
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♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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>> pam: >> pam: this man was trapped for nearly three days under water after his tugboat
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sank. happened in may but not a big deal has surfaced showing his rescue. the man had managed to survive because there was an air pocket. but a rescue diver had assumed anyone on board was that. so listen to his reaction and a supervisor on the surface when they first spotted a hand reaching out keep him there, keep him there! they say 29 year old harrison was amazed we come under the circumstances he had spent a couple of days and decompression chamber and a letter went home to nigeria and good shape. >> pam: a decision by delta airlines lost some angry passengers stuck in florida. the airline decided to block people from a flight on sunday one of the busiest travel days of the year. to
8:43 pm
make way for the university of florida men's basketball team. the team charter plane was grounded by may and its issues and the players could not get to connecticut for a game the next day. so delta can't play in order to free up and bit the steel plant for the tanker the bump passengers were probably happy to hear the givens ended up losing the game. >> reporter: call him the puck behind the velvet rope. turns out, pope francis was a bouncer before he became the leader of the catholic church. according to a report from the catholic news service, the pope was a bouncer at a nightclub in his native argentina not. he man at the door and come out troublemakers at a bar in
8:44 pm
been most apparent errors the pope also said he used to sweep floors and work in the lab as a teenager. his recent relegation about this nightclub police and all round down to earth approach to the past policy has some people on twitter calling him the coolest pulp and other. coolest pope ever! den >> >> jacqueline: san francisco will be the only place not under the freeze warnings spirit of that for the north bay tomorrow and thursday widespread frost in subfreezing temperatures not a pleasant morning at all. a
8:45 pm
lot of thirties are out there and a few twenties with a tiny bit of for the spirit as we move into the moment our futurecast will briefly see some 40's in the afternoon but all around chile. chilly >> jacqueline: thirty in pleasanton, 29 in livermore and 34 in san jose with 31 and sunnyvale. afternoon, really struggling to warm up. as for the sierra this note has largely come to an
8:46 pm
and with feeling growing chance for overnight our spirit hours >> jacqueline: extended forecast very cold. bundle up and grind up the heat. crank up the hea (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.
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let >> reporter: this what you claim that never identified myself to her. boston and this woman at e-mail only asking to leave her on of the story. >> reporter: i am with a tunnel for and i do people behaving badly. >> reporter: hope and i return the very next day there was a marginal decrease >> reporter: now she told
8:48 pm
the chp one story but when i talked to her she said that this is a quick way of making a u-turn. festival going in all of that traffic. and instead of going into traffic >> reporter: issued a warning. >> i think that what we see today is it obvious decrease. due to people behaving badly >> i am never bad. i am always good. >> reporter: you know that you are going the wrong way. >> reporter: people behaving
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. toronto. >> reporter:guess who was at the sharks-leafs game today in toronto? >> reporter:you better believe it's rob ford.also known as the crack mayor of toronto! single handedly providing late night comedy material coast to coast. >> reporter:welcome back everyone. the niners are an early 2 1/2 point favorite to beat seattle sunday at the stick
8:53 pm
somewhat of a surprise given how bad the seahawks beat up on drew brees and the saints last night in seattle.34-7 >> reporter: somewhat of a surprise given how bad the seahawks beat up on drew brees and the saints last night in seattle.34-7 was the final >> delegation. validation >> those guys, we do not like them and they do not like us. >> reporter:and the saints are pretty good9-2 coming in but seattle is just unstoppable at homenow 14-0 under russell wilson since last year.
8:54 pm
>> reporter:the 49ers know all about seattle's home dominance - getting trounced up there the last two times they've played. >> reporter:but this time the niners at nomeand harbaugh was asked if they are looking for revenge >> reporter: we will read some of your comments live on the air. great interview gary will sit down with stephen curry! you will not want to miss it! >> reporter:if you watched the seattle game last night, you saw how good russell wilson was. is. >> reporter:a picture may be worth a thousand words.but
8:55 pm
it isn't worth your job. two security guards who worked the texans game at reliant stadium in houston were fired today for taking photos with patriots quarterback tom brady. >> reporter:two security guards who worked texans games at houston's reliant stadium were fired today for taking photos with patriots quarterback tom brady after last sunday's game the security guards christopher moore and joel williams had photos snapped of them with brady violating the security company's policy against taking photos or getting autographs with players while on duty in a statement the security company. contemprary services corporation stood by the decision to fire the guards restating it's policy >> reporter:boy the a's have been busy lately. >> reporter:a couple more
8:56 pm
moves today acquiring outfielder craig gentry from texas in exchange for former first round pick michael choice >> reporter:but the a's weren't finished. a's trade for gregerson the a's acquired right- handed relief pitcher luke gregerson from the san diego padres for outfielder seth smith today >> reporter:gregerson was 6- 8 with a 2.71 era in 73 relief appearences last season batters hit only.203 against him as well gregerson will be a setup guy for new closer john johnson >> reporter:smith meanwhile hit.253 with 8 home runs and 40 rbi in 117 games last season the acquisition of gentry earlier in the day made him expenable >> reporter:billy beane executive of the year >> reporter:a's vice president and general manager billy beane is baseball america's major league baseball's execuitve of the year it's the second time he's won the award he also won that publication's award in 2002 >> reporter:beane overhauled the a's roster following a 74-88 season in 2011 the result has been back-to-back american league western division titles. the team
8:57 pm
recorded a 96-66 record this season beane has also been selected the sportsing news executive of the year twice in 1999 and 2012 always time for a dog interupting a field hockey game happened during the argentine world final >> pam: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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reporter: even all these months after katrina ravaged the city of new orleans, human remains are still being found in devastated neighborhoods across the city. cadaver dogs are being used to search for 2,300 people still unaccounted for. makeshift morgues still exist in warehouses, schools and churches throughout the area. officials are finally beginning to admit what many people have known since the levees broke long ago: many of these people will never be found. you look tired, mike. late night? oh, yeah. late and nasty. same kinky creature? doc, the girl carries a serious perv swerve. feeling wrong feels so good. hey, sorry, dr. brennan. no, it's fine. males often bond by exaggerating sexual conquests. oh, mike's not exaggerating. this girl is seriously turned on by coffins. mike'll take her into the cooler in... doc. addy: some libidos are enflamed by a proximity to death.

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